Archana Mittal;

An artist, a homemaker and a foodie, Archana was destined to create Imli.

Coming from a family where food was cherished, analyzed and celebrated, her entry into the food industry was almost inevitable! Archana's journey to Imli was preceded by her work in Public Relations, as a gallery curator, and also as a successful Madhubani artist.

Over the years, Archana's outgoing nature and sunny disposition brought her in contact with many people. Most were living away from home and working in different parts of the country and the world. She soon realized they all had a common complaint - they had no place to go to just chill and enjoy a delicious, healthy home-cooked meal that they did not have to slave over themselves!

And thus was born Imli.

Imli was initially conceived as a casual hang out - an adda serving popular snacks and basic chai with a small artists' nook. A sort of by artists, for artists and of artists joint.

But the idea soon grew and morphed, and with the support and encouragement of friends and community, Imli is now a full-fledged restaurant with a diverse menu, a chat counter and delivery services.

The artist nook is still very much there too - her own slice of heaven!

Archana runs Imli along with her husband, Somil Mittal.
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